2021/7/16 “The pigs” 配信 RELEASE

IIOT “The pigs”

SNS上では、自分が知り、知った瞬間に信じた情報を拡散し、自分がその時に信じる意見とは異なる発言をする敵を見つけて、攻撃し合う光景が日々見受けられます。 そのような “自分の頭で深く考え続ける” という行為が抜け落ちた状況を見ながら、この曲を作りました。

On SNS, you can see every day the sight of spreading information that you know and believe at the moment you know it, finding enemies who make statements that differ from the opinions you believe at that time, and attacking each other. I made this song while watching the situation where such an act of “continuing to think deeply with my own head” was omitted.


IIOT "The pigs"
design:Ken Takahashi
eri-nyo Written by: